How to Start an Online Business for FREE

youtube-moneyHow to Start an Online Business for FREE

In this post I do a little suggestion how to make money online even if you have no money at all to start with.
Go to YouTube and start with your own channel. You can have several YouTube channels for different niches.
Start with evergreen niches like:
Alternative energy,
Weight Loss,
Making money with Internet Marketing or how to look good.
Then you go to and sign in for free.
After you are signed in you pick a product with a high gravity
And on youtube you make 2 minute promo videos about the product.
You can use the Screen capture software of Camtasia for this to record a PowerPoint presentation
or you record a screen capture how you review the sales page.
With the Google keyword planner you can add relevant keywords as tags under your video to rank your videos higher in Google.
Give it some time to let your video to go viral. And use also Social media like,

  • Facebook (Your profile and fanpage)
  • Twitter (Use bitly to shorten your Clickbank ID link)
  • Pinterest (pictures are then linked to your Youtube video)
  • Google+When you use bitly, you can track your traffic much better, to know where your traffic is coming from.

And if you want a complete money making course, absolute for free, check my other blog post:  YouTube Hijack

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