Internet Marketing

i_love_internet_marketing_tile_coasterInternet marketing 

Internet marketing, nowadays there are so many ways to earn an income from the Internet:
Affiliate Marketing
List building
Email marketing
PPC (pay per click)
CPA (click per action)
Squeeze / Landing / Sales page
Adsense etc, etc…..


When you’re a newbie, you opt-in on to many different newsletters from several Internet marketers,
and after a while you get stuck on all the options but you don’t know where to start.
And you wish; When will I earn my first $100 ?

Internet marketing Basics:
(This is only about Affiliate + Email marketing)

First of all, doing business nowadays means that your future customers must
Know, Like and Trust you before they ever consider to buy something from you.
This means that you have to deliver great value in the niche you choose for.
Start with a autoresponder email service to deliver this value, like
GetResponse, AWeber or MailChimp to start for free under 2000 subscribers.
All these autoresponders have a lot of videos to get you started, no worries.

So where do you start, to begin your online business?
The most important thing is, KNOW YOUR NICHE!
Alright I understand, the first thought that comes up is, what if I don’t know my niche.
Well, start with the evergreen niches! People always want:

  1. To look beautiful
    2. Make more money
    3. To become thinner
    4. To become more healthy
    5. Evergreen products like Energy company
    6. Personal development
    7. Dating service

More tips to check if your niche is good in the market:

  1. Is there a Dummies bookabout it?
    B. Has it a 30.000 keywords search at Google keyword planner?
    C. Are people talking about it at
    D. Check your niche videos on YouTube who have the most views.
    And read the comments to understand what your audience wants.
    E. Check and look for your niche books. Over here you
    can read the reviews as well to know your audience thinking

To create professional looking websites, I use WordPress with
a theme especially for marketers called: OptimizePress 2.0
First you make a Squeeze page in combination with your autoresponder,
to collect email addresses for your email list.
A small email opt-in widget in the upper right corner of your site is
also a great way to collect your emails.

How do you make a sales page?
Go to and click the sales pages
of several vendors to see HOW they make their sales page.
In OptimizePress you have sales pages templates.
Even on YouTube you have great videos about, How to make
Optimizepress Sales pages.

So, when you use an autoresponder to sent emails to your list,
always remember: sent 5 emails with great value and THEN
one email with an offer (your affiliate link of your product sales page)
Try to understand how the people in your list are thinking.
If you only sent then offer emails, then you are killing your list.
And a lot of subscribers will opt-out.
In the coming day’s I will write a blog about Email marketing,
How to get subscribers, stay tuned….