Change your Mindset

mindset-2-225x300Change your Mindset for a Successful Online Business.


Before you even consider starting your own business, realizing and be aware for sure that you know WHAT’s your business is going to be like!
The better you understand what your business will become, the better your business will grow.
First, work on your mindset to turn your “Opportunity seeker” to a “Business owner” Mindset so you will stick to an Internet Marketing system until it starts to make money.


Definition of an “Opportunity Seeker”
He/she will look on the Internet to find the best and quickest way to make good money.
Then an Internet “guru” will sell them an “easy” online course with great potential.
They work them self’s through the course (2 or 3 chapters) discover that they make only
a little money, think: “Hm, this isn’t working” and look on the internet for the next BIG thing.
They will find another course and the whole cycle will repeat itself.
So, an Opportunity seeker will make only a little or no money at all.
If you don’t have your mindset under control, then it doesn’t matter what you do, you will always fail, regardless how much effort and time you’ve put into you online business.

A Business owner on the other hand thinks differently, they have a system and stick to it.
And also give a lot of value to others to build up credibility.
When people know you, like you and thrust you, selling to them will be much easier.
But before you start your business, let’s start with your awareness to become a business owner.
















This is the Cashflow Quadrant of Robert Kyosaki.


E= Employee, 60% of the working population has a job.
They trade their time for money.

S= Self Employed, 30% of the working population own a job.
They still trade their time for money.

B= Big Business owners, 5% own a system.
People work for them

I= Investor, 5% own their Investments.
Money makes money.

As you can see on the left side; 95% of the population
has only 5% wealth to distribute among them self’s.
In contradistinction of the right side, here 5% of the
population has 95% wealth to distribute for them self’s.
It’s important to get yourself from the left side to the right side,
as quick as possible. As a business owner you own a system
that makes you good money. You just stick to your “system”
and improve where you can.
And with improving I mean, that you will no longer work “IN” your business
but work “AT” your business. So what’s the difference, you might ask?

When you work IN your business, you do most of the work,
like writing your own weekly newsletter.
And also do most of the decisions.
So when you go on a vacation, your business will collapse.

But when you work AT your business, you have managed to automate
your business by outsourcing most of your work to virtual assistance’s.
VA’s are freelancers who made a living out of it, like:
Writing website content/blog posts.
Designing logo’s
Take care of your business social media
etc etc….

As long as you have giving them good instructions.
A website where you can find quality VA’s is:
But if you think too much as a Self-Employee, and you want to do everything
yourself, you will bury yourself with a LOT of work and get much less done…
Go to the right side of the Cashflow Quadrant and nest yourself somewhere between
the Business owner and the Investor.


So, make up your mind(set)   😉