About me

fonz-04-2016About me

Hello, my name is Fonz van der Linden, and I live in the north of the Netherlands.
At the moment, I am an Internet Entrepreneur and Loving it, because of all the possibilities it gives…
In the past I was an Air-force Life Support sergeant for 24 years. Because of cutbacks and a superfluous position, I had to leave the Air-force at the end of 2004.
After several non-rewarding jobs I decided to become an Internet marketer.
Holy Mack, the longer I’m busy with this online activities, the more I like it!


I didn’t realize it that much, how rewarding Internet Marketing can be.
When you work from the principle: “The more you give, the more you get”
The more fun you experience in your business as well! Woohoo!
It is just so Cool to help others making their first steps on the stairs to become independence.
When I started as an Internet Marketer, I had only a little money to spend, and
honestly, I was asking myself:
How can I start an Internet Marketing business with no money at the beginning?
Yes, I understand with these worldwide economic “situation”, more and more people
are roaming the Internet to find another-way to earn good money, and improve their
situation for themselves and their family.

So that’s why I’ll try to give away as much as I can to help you start an online business.
But remember, the free part is only for the beginning to get you started.
With your first earnings you can invest it in more quality information to scale up your earnings.
It’s a mindset thing, If you get all your start-up info for free, you become lazy in your head.
But if you pay for high end information, you want value for your money.
And you will work to earn more and more.


Success in your own online business,

Fonz van der Linden