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Freedom 3D pictureThe internet Lifestyle….. Going 4 or 5 times a year on a holiday to every place on Earth you like.
Able to support your family and no worries how to pay your fixed charges or your children study costs….
Buying your dream-house… in the country of your preference.
Which Car do you like to buy, or do you want several cars, you name it 😉
And how do you like to fly to your holiday destination, First class or business class?
Maybe you have an expensive hobby, and you want more money to spent and time for
your precious hobby.
The Internet Lifestyle will give you so much more, like a deep feeling/understanding inside:

Building your own Internet Marketing in a niche you like, and it even doesn’t matter from what
Part of the world you “work”
No longer independent of the economy of the country you live in.
With Internet Marketing you create your own economy.
So you CAN experience true Freedom!

How you ask?
With only a Laptop, a solid Internet connection plus the courses you find on this website.
On this site I’ll show several way’s to get you started to build your own Online business adventure.
But, don’t treat your (new) online business as a hobby.
Like every serious business, it takes time, effort and dedication to get started and stay in the flow.
Just keep in mind that your WHY is your fuel to keep you going when you experience setbacks.

For me the next scenario scares the heck out of me:
Going to a job every morning that I don’t prefer, working for a boss I don’t like.
Working with co-workers who have totally no inspiration to become an entrepreneur.
To talk about making more money in stead of saving money with the cheapest energy company.
So the conversations in such a canteen mindset will fall silent.

Giving 40 to 50 of my best years to working and with every year less and less savings
for my pension. And how about my health when I’m ready for my retirement?
Will I still be able to “enjoy” my (small) pension? Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…….. NO WAY!!!

So, working as an Internet Marketer is the best decision I have made for decades.
Working for myself is Freedom, I just determine:
What time I go out of my bed, how many hours I work a day.
How much I like to earn. (first you learn, then you earn)
With whom I like to work, and in which country.
I am not working IN my online business but AT my online business (BIG difference)
So I have more time for myself and my love ones.

Do some mind mapping….. and chose a program on this Internet Marketing program review site.
Pick a program that suits you the best, be determined and free yourself as well.
And of course, start with a FREE program first, to make some money you can use for the paid
programs to earn money in a much FASTER way!

Good luck, to your success, Fonz van der Linden

Ps, the first 3 programs in the widgets on the right are FREE to start with….. 😉

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  • Richard Weberg

    Reply Reply April 29, 2015

    Very good blog post Fonz..I like that you started by sharing in the dream that time and financial freedom can provide. Internet marketing can certainly provide these things, and you are right..If people treat internet marketing like they would a traditional brick and mortar offline business, many more people would live the dream that internet marketing can provide.
    I have been doing this for over ten years now, and it has been a huge blessing..

    Richard Weberg

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